1. Love letter to friends on Jeju Island, from Dr Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul

    We look at the 9 existing military bases in Afghanistan, intended to be kept for ‘exclusive’ U.S. military use through 2024 and beyond if the U.S./Afghan Bilateral Security Agreement  is successfully pushed through under U.S. threats.  You look at the naval base being constructed on Jeju Island which is named the World island of Peace, and what our senses and our understanding show us is a global 1% in government and corporations attempting to ‘comfort’ the 99% with claims that they care about our homes, our livelihoods, and our desire to live without wars,  when  in practice, they pursue profit and power at our expense.

    A Video Letter from Jeju Island Activists in Gangjeong to the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul

    'We Love Afghanistan, 아프가니스탄, 사랑해요,” “We remember 2 million war victims of Afghanistan, 우리는백만아프간전쟁희생자들을기억합니다.”

  2. On Christmas Day 2013, Daniel Schnake from Germany spoke to the Afghan Peace Volunteers to remember the 2 Million Afghan loved ones lost to war : http://youtu.be/domAzvaRuZ0

    “Now I can see you….we thank you for calling us!” Daniel from Germany

    “Merry Christmas!” The Afghan Peace Volunteers

  3. “I’m Abdulhai from Kabul, Afghanistan.

    I really want to hear 2 Million Voices chatting with us on Skype.”


    Skype with the Abdulhai & the Afghan Peace Volunteers

    Email globaldaysoflistening@gmail.com